Corite is set to launch the latest project from writer, producer and recording artist Rico Love, “Presented By Rico Love” has written and produced for artists including BEYONCÉ, USHER, NELLY, TREY SONGZ, KELLY ROWLAND, and POPSMOKE.

LOVE said, “One of the most rewarding aspects of my work has been empowering young artists. The existing recording industry model makes it difficult for many of them to find their way, and I’m excited that CORITE sees a new path forward — where fans both fund and share in the success of the artists they believe in. With my new project, I’m looking forward to working with a number of exciting new artists and can’t wait to share their music with you.”

Corite CEO Mattias Tenblad added, “Launching Rico’s project is an exciting step for us. His phenomenal talent for nurturing artists and producing great music makes him an ideal partner in our mission. Having a songwriter and producer of Rico’s caliber work with us inspires fans and generates confidence from the artists — the communities we serve.”