NAS, MASS APPEAL and SHOWTIME are teaming up for the debut of “Hip Hop 50” this December, featuring three original films,one directed by NAS himself. 

The partnership is meant to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop’s original creation.

The films are the first offerings from a content and experiential package set to include podcasts, live events and more.

“Video Music Box” is the story and legacy behind one of the most impactful music shows in hip -hop history, capturing the essence of Ralph McDaniels’ timeless efforts to document and preserve the genre’s early ascent to the mainstream. NAS, a pivotal member of this ascent, has come full-circle and is directing the documentary.

“Ricky Powell: The Individualist,” directed by Josh Swede, highlights the photography trail blazed by the late point-and-shoot maestro, whose late ’80s and early ’90’s depictions of hip-hop’s coming of age provided an iconic lens into the culture.

“Rolling Like Thunder,” directed by Between The Streets founder Roger Gastman, offers a nuanced look at the world of graffiti that supported hip-hop culture as one of its major pillars and became a galaxy of its own — questionable legality and all.