In a rapidly-changing world of celebrity, The Limits with Jay Williams explores how some of today’s biggest personalities navigate the personal-brand-as-celebrity dynamic––for all of its hardships, vulnerabilities, and rocky paths to success. Few understand the art of rebounding your life better than Williams, now an author, entrepreneur, and ESPN host. Each week, he’ll go deep with heavy-hitters from the worlds of sports, entertainment, and pop culture to understand the principles of faith, vision, and grit they live by in order to see past doubt and build their empires. Each week he’ll go deep with key players from the worlds of entertainment, music, lifestyle, pop culture, business and sports to share their strategies for creating empires out of their personalities.

“In this podcast I want to talk about how we define those limits and what it means to exceed them,” said Williams. “Each week we’ll talk to people who have done just that: overcome limits and achieved great things.”

“Jay brings a fresh angle on exploring what it takes to make it, what it takes to think outside the box, what it takes to believe in yourself and push the limits,” said Anya Grundmann, Senior Vice President for Programming and Audience Development. “We want to get the back stories of people who have taken unconventional paths and Jay is the perfect person to do it. Jay has a beautifully empathetic mind and voice and a special way of connecting with people.”

From moguls and musicians to chefs and CEOs listeners will learn the ways that successful people define, push, and conquer their limits.

In this first season Williams will go one-on-one with Maverick Carter, Charlamagne Tha God, Gabrielle Union, and Marcus Samuelson, among others. New episodes drop every Tuesday starting January 4th.

Fans of the show will also be able to unlock sponsorship-free listening and bonus content with a paid subscription. Subscribers will have access to exclusive weekly nuggets of inspiration from Jay and his guests – a book they read, a daily routine they maintain that helps them stay on top, a piece of advice they got from a mentor that helped them reach their next level, or a defining moment that became a catalyst to their success.