From the get go I was intrigued by the sound and visual talents of Cam Rostami. The 25 year old hails from Dallas, TX but has spent the last five years of his life living in L.A. making a name for himself as an eclectic musician. His early days as an artistic creative began as a film maker, but he’s been a lifelong musician taking up the guitar and piano at a young age. Cam has a slew of singles available on streaming services but the visual component to his music is best shown in his music videos and live performances. Cam shared with me the details of his upcoming project ‘Super Blood,’ and even opened up about how he recently losses his mother to COVID-19. He cites a variety of influences from classical orchestra music to Bring Me the Horizon, and Joji. Get to know a one of a kind peculiar musician with zany lyrics and unforgettable melody’s here on PALM. Follow cam @camrostami.