A new lifestyle publication has launched to cover the life of professional athletes including features on their fashion, hobbies and even their wives and girlfriends. Baller$ Magazine includes an online presence at BallerMag.com. From the producers of TBSN: The Black Sportz Network, Baller$ Magazine will be published from a fan perspective. 

The network plans to provide content that relies heavily on audio and radio options in addition to digital, SVOD, VOD and social media offerings but will have broadcasting rights to air live action sports. The network is also exploring NIL contracts as allowed under the recent law changes.

“So many people are curious about the entire person not just the athlete. They ask me about their sneakers and watches. In the case of La La Anthony, fans were very interested in her stilettos,” said DC Livers who covers La La’s fashion and business moves starting with her marriage to NBA star Carmelo Anthony. “Even Kyan Anthony is a person of interest to sports fans of all ages and ethnicities. As a teen star, Kiyan’s fitted hats and teenaged drip is something I get asked about a lot. With a demographic of 13-34, Baller$ Magazine will be the perfect compliment to TBSN,” Livers said.

TBSN: The Black Sportz Network launched at Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Phoenix to provide broadcast radio and TV offerings for African American and urban audiences. It’s the first sports network owned by a woman.  Livers, who is the longest working Black female reporter covering the NBA, says she anticipate paid brand partnership, advertising and other avenues that will help TBSN capture 10% of the $500 Billion sports industry including headphones, cell phones, sneakers, hats, ladies fashion and more. In addition, Livers is in talks with companies to license TBSN content for their stations and audiences.

“The most important thing to me is for people to remember these aren’t just athletes. There are real people with real feelings. I want them to have a level of privacy,” Livers said. “In reality, they are public figures and signed up for the attention but there’s only so far Baller$ will go.”
You can learn more about Baller$ Magazine at www.BallerMag.com.