Big Thang 4 Big Girls

In the tradition of the platinum selling “Cha Cha Slide” and the multi-platinum hits “The Wobble,” and “Cupid Shuffle” comes a fun new offering called “Big Thang 4 Big Girls” from new artist Kounty Line. “Big Thang 4 Big Girls” is virally developing a major fan following due in part from its own original line dance. The line dance community is huge… in the aggregate; there are over 200 million impressions and eyeballs watching and participating in line dancing. While very popular, the songs attached to prior line dances have still never had mainstream success. Kounty Line’s “Big Thang 4 Big Girls” is set to bridge the world of line dancing to mainstream America, and tell the story of how popular, and how massive, the line dance community is.

Hailing from Meridian, Mississippi, prides himself on being an energetic entertainer, and making music that will keep the dance floor jumping… “BT4BG” does exactly that!  He describes his music as “feel good” music with a twist of “ole school.”  His infectious sound and the catchy hook in “BT4BG” is sure to win over music lovers all around the country. Regardless of age, culture, or musical preferences, the masses will be drawn to this song and dance. From Nashville to Compton everyone will be doing the “Big Thang 4 Big Girls” dance.  It’s BIG fun!

Check out Kounty Line’s “Big Thang 4 Big Girls” (BT4BG) then take a look at the line dance explosion already associated with it. and