Super Snake Uncoils New Venture — Our longtime friend and former colleague (and Arizona radio legend) Super Snake is making a move into “personalized personality radio” as he prepares to light the fuse to launch “The Super Snake Experience,” creating original on-air content for individual markets.

“I have a unique set of talents, and I want create something different,” Snake explains. “I am a personality, and I work to create solid content that is unique for each market, every day.” He added, “It’s like a boutique hotel — one size does not fit all. The game has changed and we need to keep up. It’s original content for each individual market.”

In closing, Snake said, “It’s time to put personalities on the air again — we have to if we are going to survive. Radio needs it and the listeners deserve it. Let’s get back to having some fun!” You heard the man — interested/intrigued folks should contact the Super one at [email protected] or visit