Indie Buzz is proud to announce the first web interview with Orlando emcee Mr. 3! This November Mr. 3 released his 3rd free project Keef Sweat on bandcamp. In May of this year, he blessed the internet with the slamming project Polite Society. It’s a safe bet to call Mr. 3 the indie 2chainz. Living in Atlanta, he came up in a time where Gucci Mane was bumped all night at house parties. This is what Mr. 3 says was imprinted on his brain. He shares an eccentric view of life from his love of fly sexy women, Japanese anime, hot and ready pizza, and cute kitty cats. Below is a clip from Indie Buzz’s interview with Mr. 3. We also had a chance to talk about his brand new video for “What I’m Told.” “It took about three days to shoot it, I wasn’t really involved in the directing or editing process, so directing is my next goal.” We look forward to seeing more from Mr. 3 to come.

Mr. 3 - Keef Sweat - cover

Keef Sweat earns a good 4/5 flies too.


“What I’m Told” music video: