New Orleans rap couple 504icygrl and PoppyH are enterprising in the music and cannabis businesses. They met back when they were teenagers working in the French quarter. Now in their mid-20s, the rappers have established a foundation in the underground. Following in the footsteps of New Orleans rap cliques and labels that came before them like Cash Money and No Limit, they release music through their own label 504 Exotics. The two just recently performed in their hometown at Buku Festival. I learned about PoppyH’s close ties with Lil Wayne, their trials and tribulations in the weed business, music on the way, and more. Be sure to follow them  @504icygrl Angel  and  @Poppy H  (@vudubaby5 on IG and twitter) IG/Tiktok: _PA.LM Twitter: DylanisPALM