Anita Baker paused during a Las Vegas concert to acknowledge Chance, who was in the audience.

At a recent performance, the legendary songstress Anita Baker shared that Chance The Rapper was instrumental in helping her regain hold of her master recordings. Baker was embroiled in a long fight with her former label for control of the recordings and emerged victorious in 2021.

After stepping out of retirement, Baker is now in Las Vegas for a limited show residency, with tickets already sold out. While on stage at the Venetian Theatre on Sunday, May 29, Baker took a moment during her set to point out the Chicago artist and publicly acknowledge his role in helping her.

“Would you guys say hello to a friend of mine by way of [the] music industry, by way of helping me get a hold and ownership of my master records, Mister Chance The Rapper is right there,” Baker said to raucous applause.

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