International Indie Soul Grammy Multiple Award Winner

Terri Green


who collaborated with Miles Davis and Ray Parker, Jr.

Randy Hall
United Kingdom’s Superstar Indie Soul Producer

Georgie B 

The Terri Green Project & Randy Hall

 “Turnt Up Tonight”

Georgie B Remix

Produced by Terri Green, Reggie Staggers and Torsten Abrolat

Impacting R&B Radio Airplay Now!!

“This is what happens when you get two exceptional artists,

with a lists of endless hits come together, you get ‘Turnt Up Tonight.’

Terri Green from Germany and Randy Hall from the USA have mixed their magic together.
Get ready to get your hearts blown away with Turnt Up Tonight.”
Michael K. Amil, Owner, Montreal Global

“‘Turnt Up Tonight’ is a Tuuuuuune, whether your in the car, getting ready to go out or on the dancefloor,

this song make you feel good and warm inside and you have to have to drop a little move too.”

MarCus Bee, Official presenter of the UK Soul Charts

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