Kandi Burruss

When you say or hear the name Kandi Burruss, it can bring a myriad of things to mind such as, 90’s girl group Xscape or the Grammy® winning songwriter of “chick” anthems, “No Scrubs, Bills, Bills, Bills, Bug A Boo” and others, or the first African-American woman ever to win ASCAP’s Songwriter of the Year award.  These career achievements happened long before Burruss launched her “Kandi Koated Nights” web series or  joined the cast of the (non) reality show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”  This seasoned, savvy, smart business woman is on a new journey to become the “female Tyler Perry” with the debut of her stage play “A Mother’s Love” which she co-produced with fiance Todd Rucker.  The play set t Atlanta’s Rialto Theater ablaze this past weekend with a packed audience consisting members of every reality show past and present, local politicos and even king of all stage plays, Tyler Perry.

The cast consists of saaaangin’ R&B veterans Eddie Levert and Shirley Murdock (who had well deserved co-billing right behind Kandi) and the younger Q Parker of 112 and D. Woods, formerly of Danity Kane. Other reality show cast members, bloggers and actors completed the cast. No shade to any of the remaining cast, but trust and believe Levert and Murdock carried the production and we can only speculate a much shorter life for the play had they not been on that stage (somebody had to carry the tunes.).

“A Mother’s Love” is loosely based on Kandi’s career and the issues she’s faced in her relationship with her mother and in a released statement, Kandi said ““Though things are exaggerated, you will see moments of my life in the musical. Writing “A Mother’s Love” has been therapy for me in many ways. I’ve had to focus and not only co-write the script which is loosely about my life but have also written 20 songs for the play in a very short amount of time which has allowed me to unload a lot of emotions inside of me.”

Non- Atlantans need not clutch their pearls and may now exhale. The play will be released to DVD mid-2014 and there are plans to take the stage play on the road in grand Tyler Perry style. Overall, I give a “girlfriend” high five on it fist pound to Ms. Burruss.

kandi buruss play flyer