A longtime, well-known radio personally is off the air during his regular time slot and is under investigation after a claim of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Greg Williams

Greg “The Hitman” Williams denies the allegation made by a now former fellow KDGS-Wichita’s Power 93.5 FM DJ, Johnny “Koolout” Starks. In a Facebook post still getting a lot of attention, Starks shared his story accusing Williams of inappropriate behavior and the company he worked for firing him unfairly.

Starks worked at Power 93.5 for about six months. He was fired last week, the day after he said Williams made an unwanted sexual advance.

“We should tell people what’s being done to us. We should tell when we’re wronged because that’s the only way to change,” Starks said.

Johnny “Koolout” Starks

In response to the allegation, Williams offered the following statement he shared on his professional

Facebook page:

“The allegations being spread on social media by a former employee can never be proven because they are not true. I will share more at the appropriate time in the appropriate way.”

Community members are calling for action after the detailed post Starks shared.

After reading Starks’ account, Yolanda Jackson said she wants to see accountability.

“First, I cried because I’m a mother and I want to protect my child,” she said.

Making that objective difficult, she said, is when there isn’t accountability.

“At first, you’re untouchable, nothing can happen to you, someone is always protecting you. Not now,” she said.

Starks said last week, while in a station bathroom, Williams came in and moved close to him. He said Williams then placed a hand on his chest while undoing his pants. Starks managed to get away from the situation, quickly leaving the bathroom and then the building.

The next day, he said he came into work planning to tell someone what happened, but before he had a chance, Williams called him into the station vice president’s office where he was fired.

Starks said the reason given was “(he) wasn’t a right fit.” He said most of the feedback he’d otherwise received form Williams was about how good of a job he was doing.

“You (Williams) realize that what you did to me in that bathroom was wrong. You did not know what I was going to do. You think you’re protecting yourself,” Starks said.

Jackson is organizing a rally on Monday outside Power 93.5. She said it’s about taking a stand and showing that fame isn’t a means of protection.

“This stops now and we’re speaking up for each other, for ourselves,” she said.