MOVE OVER BASED GOD, Somebody down in Miami is cooking up swag! Ruben Slikk of Metro Zu has the style that has transformed internet hip-hop in the past couple years. To sum up Ruben, just throw Lil B, Wiz Khalifa, Andre 3000, Trinidad James, and Left Brain into a blender and out comes the beauty we’re looking at for the future. If you just can’t get enough Metro Zu, Ruben Slikk is the next step. I’ll provide you with a couple of his music videos so you can see for yourself. We are definitely in an era where deconstructionism reigns supreme.

P.S.-  Shout out to @Lofty305 of Metro Zu for showing me love on twitter.

“Like a N*gger”

“Intergallactic Shaman”

“Coke in My Nose (Feat. Ruben Slikk)

“Assistant Pimpin”