3x Grammy Award-Winning

Sounds of Blackness

trailblazing new single,

“Hold Up Your Light”

A Universal Message of Hope and Inspiration for all of Humankind.

Going for Airplay Now!

Already Playing In America and Around the World on:

WEFT-Champaign, KAFM-St. Cloud, KVSC-St. Cloud,

KGUA-Gualala, KJAC-Denver, KOTO-Telluride,

WRTM-Sharon, KBMS-Portland, WMBM-Miami,

 UMFM-Winnipeg, Canada, FMR-Toulouse, France,

3CR-Melborne, Australia, 2BBB-Bellingen, Australia  

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Gary Hines, Music Director/Producer

612-385-7040 – gdennismusic@aol.com


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