There has been a major morning show change in Dallas-Ft. Worth — and nationally, for that matter, as Lady Jade, a fixture in morning drive on Service Broadcasting’s KKDA (K104) for the past 19 years, has exited as a member of the syndicated DeDe In The Morning.

Jade got her start in the K104 promotions department back in the day and eventually moved up to late-nights on-air. She was introduced into morning drive as a member of the Skip Murphy and Company morning show and went on to work with Skip Cheatham & Tha PlaygroundThe BuckWilde Morning ShowThe K104 Morning Show with DeDe, and finally, DeDe in the Morning, syndicated by Compass Media Networks.

George “Geo” Cook, who serves in the multiple roles of SBG’s Head of Content + Audience, GM/Brand Manager of DeDe In The Morning and Director of Operations for DeDe’s flagship KKDA (K104) and KRNB (Smooth R&B 105.7), commented, “Lady Jade is radio’s sweetheart. She is a uniquely talented, skilled, and versatile multi-platform personality who cares deeply about culture and community. Jade has served as an integral part of the DeDe In The Morning show since its inception and launch into syndication. She was and will always be a beloved member of the K104 family. I know now that Jade ready for new challenges and prepared to passionately pursue and achieve even more of her dreams. I wish her the best in all of her current and future endeavors.”

Cook says the company is starting an immediate nationwide search for Jade’s successor.