DJ Mal-Ski, the official DJ of the NFL Super Bowl Champion L.A. Rams, WNBA L.A. Sparks, and USC Trojans, is taking his talents to the metaverse on TuneGO, a technology platform built to empower the creative community and accelerate the world’s transition to Web3.

DJ Mal-Ski is a proven leader and innovator, who has reimagined and reinvented fan engagement for the NFL, by reshaping the live event experience for the Super Bowl Champion L.A. Rams. DJ Mal-Ski’s vision is being mirrored, but not duplicated, by professional sports teams and collegiate athletics across the country. 

DJ Mal-Ski will take this vision to the metaverse with a focus on empowering creators and entertaining fans. DJ Mal-Ski will launch a forward-thinking Web3 community that provides artists and creators with a gateway to the new culture of fans, collectors and patrons. 

“The same way you score a film to enhance the energy of a scene, I use music to enhance the emotion and energy of live audiences,” said DJ Mal-Ski. “Our team is rapidly growing and we’re going to use the power of Web3 to launch new live experiences that inspire, empower and entertain. Stay tuned, you’ve never seen this before,” explained DJ Mal-Ski.  

DJ Mal-Ski’s Web3 community and Metaverse experience is powered by TuneGO and operates on the Flow blockchain, the home of NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, UFC Strike and LaLiga (coming soon). TuneGO creates a technology gateway between the creative ecosystem and consumers, and is bolstered by the ease-of-use and no gas fees of the eco-friendly Flow blockchain.   

“DJ Mal-Ski is a forward-thinking visionary who creates a powerful bond and connection with live audiences,” said John Kohl, CEO of TuneGO.  “DJ Mal-Ski impacts live events the same way John Williams impacts movies. TuneGO is honored to work together to create exciting new experiences that will engage, reward, and entertain audiences everywhere with the power of Web3,” said Kohl.

About TuneGO

TuneGO’s mission is to secure and protect music and digital media, empower the creative community and accelerate the world’s transition to Web3. TuneGO demystifies and simplifies Web3, solves age-old problems that impact the music industry, provides an environment for safe and secure collaboration, and establishes a community gateway that connects artists and creators with the new culture of fans, collectors, and consumers. TuneGO’s robust, global, end-to-end proprietary technology is secured with 10 granted patents and hundreds of intellectual property claims. To learn more visit or download TuneGO from the app store.  

About DJ Mal-Ski

DJ-Mal-Ski is on a musical expedition to engage audiences and inspire listeners through his work as the official DJ of the NFL Super Bowl Champion L.A. Rams, WNBA L.A. Sparks, and USC Trojans. DJ Mal-Ski has toured with Stevie Wonder and countless fellow chart-topping artists and his production talents include songs on Jill Scott’s #1 R&B Album “Light of the Sun” and Kenny Lattimore’s album “Back to Cool.” To learn more visit

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