Mr. Lucian Grange, CEO Universal Music Group

Mr. Rob Stringer, CEO Sony Music

Mr. Stephen Cooper, Mr. Robert Kyncl, Warner Bros. Music

Mr. Ghazi Shami, Mr. Nima Etminan, Empire Records

September 29, 2020


Peace & Greetings To You ,

I am reaching out to each of you in an effort to get your cooperation and support to help stop the proliferation of “Black Death Music” that is being financed, marketed & promoted by each of your labels.

Unfortunately, as of September 29, 2022 …There have been “540 BLACK PEOPLE KILLED IN CHICAGO VIA GANG VIOLENCE THIS YEAR.

There has also been “2,757 BLACK PEOPLE WOUNDED IN CHICAGO”. Many of these people are paralyzed.

In contrast, the city of Los Angeles which is a much larger city than Chicago, has had “181 murders”. A major difference.

As we all know, music is a very powerful force in our world. Recently Mr. Robert Kyncl, the newly appointed CEO of Warner Bros. Music, stated that “Music has the unmatched ability to propel change”.

He is 100% correct.

That is precisely why I am asking each of you very intelligent men to  stop investing in “Black Death music”.

Your corporations have made enough money off of this negativity.

I have been working for decades to try to do my part to help direct young Black teens away from the gang lifestyle.

Let me ask each of you a question. How would you personally feel if Black owned record companies were financing & promoting songs that called for the death of YOUR family members & race. I bet you wouldn’t like it that much.

In closing, I have been blessed to be able to establish extremely strong relationships and connections with young men in Chicago who can really make a difference in reducing gang violence.

I am focused on a new venture called “The Chicago Institute Of Peace” which will be a “Safe Haven” for young Black teenagers who will learn to channel their creative energies into learning how to record, mix and master original recordings and to market their products online via new age promotional techniques. They will also have access to mentoring services.

I ask all of you for your support both financially and spiritually.

Please reach out to me ASAP. I need your help desperately.

I can be reached at: [email protected]


Mr. Stan Sheppard