The ever evolving Pittsburgh singer/songwriter JT Loco has returned with a 16-track album titled Wallflower. True to his introverted personality, this project is the ultimate break up album detailing the hurt to healing process a young man faces when love goes south.

​ JT tells PALM “Wallflower is a concept that I came up with on my trip to Los Angeles. I started the recording process out there and finished it in Pittsburgh. Wallflower is not only a project for the outcasts and introverts that avoid the limelight, but also for the ones that have been through heartbreak and suffer from anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and mental health issues. Wallflower is for the ones who got themselves out of a dark place and even ones that are still stuck in their dark place that feel like they can’t escape their comfort zone. Wallflower is the album to get people through their struggles.”

The bulk of Wallflower is produced by Yago, along with help from Jolst, Pekarot, 5Head, Suburban, Yeezo, Thislands, DJ Deathcore, and the closing track “My Everything” is produced by Lil Bextz and Noahmadethiss).