25 year-old rapper and producer Illah is an anomaly, for how he’s got the streets and social media buzzing all over. Born in New Delhi, India he became a well rounded musician and songwriter at a young age. He grew an affinity for California as he frequently made trips to L.A. growing up. When he got older Illah immigrated to the City of Los Angels to attend the musicians institute where he later graduated from.

With eclectic tastes and influences ranging from Herbie Hancock, to pop-punk, heavy metal, and g-funk, Illah’s style puts his home country on the map, while simultaneously a king a scrapbook of American hood culture. Particularly the rich melting pot of Los Angeles distinguishes his style. Recently, Illah went viral for being fired from his day job at a 7-Eleven store for shooting a music video at the workplace. His dark melodic trap anthem “itriedtokillmyself” has over 1 million streams on Spotify. Now entering the tech space, Illah is working to produce NFT’s and has an upcoming mobile video game dropping which incorporates his music on the soundtrack. In the entrepreneurial spirit he also has an exotic soda called Mango Madness available at a Hollywood smoke shop.

​His latest project FOREIGNER is available on all streaming platforms, with a new school L.A. traffic music sound. Recently Illah was co-signed by Compton rapper/singer Wallie the Sensei. He also has a collaboration with P4K of Baby Stone Gorillas, on the song “Rel Life” with Mishul. Perhaps one of the most fascinating guests on PALMCAST to date, it was truly a pleasure to have Illah stop by. Follow  @ILLAH  on Instagram @indiasonly / @indiasonly04.

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