If you don’t know Jesus Garber, you should.

He is a selfless person who has done so much for so many – because he believes in the potential of each person he meets.

Jesus would never ask for anything for himself, so we’re asking on his behalf.

He has been hospitalized since June and survived a number of surgeries and complications. He was working hard to get home to his family with hopes of getting a Kidney Transplant – when the latest complication of an undiagnosed case of pneumonia caused his heart to stop twice, enduring broken ribs from the CPR putting him on a ventilator – now he’s in an acute care facility

We created this fundraiser to help his wife, Teresa, and 16-year-old son, Atticus. Since Jesus went into end-stage kidney failure in 2020, his work has stopped, so there has been no income. The Garber trio has been secretly struggling financially – never wanting to ask for help – always praying for miracles. This year’s medical problems will add more.

On top of Jesus’ illness, Teresa and Jesus have been caring for her parents who are in their 90s and Atticus who has special needs. They have also been displaced from their home since 2019, losing 80 % of their cherished belongings in a home disaster.

If we can take some of the financial debt and pressure off this family, it would also bring them mental and emotional relief.

To give you some background on our friend, Jesus Garber grew up in South Central Los Angeles. His humble beginnings demonstrated to him what it means to struggle and how everyone finds themselves in times of need. It was never enough for Jesus to be successful. He has always tried to pass the success he attained on to others by way of getting people started in business, bringing people back into business who had previously fallen out, or helping people more directly with financial support when they had fallen into hard times. He has anonymously paid for the smallest needs to the largest life-changing events without those beneficiaries ever even knowing that it was him.

He grew up to become a man who achieved great success, but never forgot the lessons of his youth. He grew into a sweet, kind and humble man who would give you his last dollar if it would help someone, but wouldn’t think to ask for anything in return.

Jesus lives by the credo, “DO IT RIGHT”. Jesus has been doing it right by others his entire life. Jesus’ generosity even extends to people beyond the end of their lives. For the last several years, he has been making sure that his friend EJ Jackson’s legacy continued on after he passed away by making sure the LA Reinvestment Foundation continued feeding over 20,000 families Thanksgiving dinners each year.

We THANK YOU for your donation, large or small, to help our friend and his family.

If Jesus has ever helped you in your career, please consider extending that kindness back to him.

If you just know his name from being in the music industry, help a member of the industry.

If you don’t know him at all, but can empathize with this beautiful family, please help.

Most of all, keep them in your prayers.


Jennifer Beattie, Pat Chambers, KC Milller, Angela Bibbs-Sanders, Jill Kasofsky, Cynthia Juno, Anna Smith, and Eddie Hines