Native Angelino rapper and DJ Uncool Laurence kicks off 2023 with a new 7-track project titled Bored Games. Laurence reflects on the highs and lows of today’s overly complicated dating world, on an overall upbeat vibe for the everyday man. According to Laurence “Originally it started as a 4-track EP recapping my love life over the past year and some change, to bring closure to that period of my life. I then added openers and a closer to it, to make it more complete, and it turned out fire. You can vibe to it, relate to it, share it, etc., I just hope you enjoy the listening experience as much as I enjoyed recording it.” He also told PALM “The theme of the project was recapping chicks I dated over the past year and a half, basically summing up my love life; tracks 3-6 were all inspired by true events.”

Production on Bored Games comes from the likes of Donato Beats and Beatsimybackpack. The opening track is an interlude from The Weeknd’s Starboy album (2016). Of course an L.A. project by a dude named Laurence is equipped with a sample from HBO’s Insecure. 

When it’s all said and done Bored Games from Uncool Laurence provides a realistic grove from a relatable guy in Los Angeles. The mostly danceable tracks offer a pop-meets underground vibe. These experiences he shares are wholesome for the every day man, dealing with the ups and downs of modern dating in hot-shot Hollywood. Stream Bored Games from Uncool Laurence below: