Fayetteville, NC rapper Passport Scoob is slowly but surely rolling out his upcoming project When the Dxpe Runs Out. He’s starting 2023 strong, teaming up with Queens, NY based producer Adwerdz to release the double .02 Testers. This consists of two new gritty tracks titled “Razor Ramone” and “Fronto.” Watch PALM’s review here. Passport Scoob tells PALM “This quick EP gives you that old school, boom bap flow with the metaphors and punchlines that is artfully crafted. If you never been in that game, you may not fully understand every double-entendre. This is definitely that ‘2 for $5 purple tops’ music.’” Scoob plans on releasing a new song each Sunday. Follow Passport Scoob  @passportscoob1409  IG: @PASSPORTSCOOB