Montreal hip-hop producer DJ Manifest assembles a collage of rappers and producers on his new album Sleepwalker. The 15 song project utilizes 80s funk samples and is a salute to the golden era of 90s hip-hop and R&B. DJ Manifest proudly explained to PALM who some of the artists involved were and the role they played in the making of Sleepwalker.

Troy Dunnit was in a group called Obscure Desorder, active in the mid 90s from Montreal. Their DJ was -Trak. PhD (from Montreal) started out in a group called FP Crew but today he’s working as a solo artist. Fresdiedot also from Montreal, is a young rookie. Very talented kid who can rap, sing, and mix. Dex Darwinis a close friend of DJ Manifest’s from Montreal.

He dropped a critically acclaimed album in 2000 with another Canadian rapper named Bless, the two formed a collective group called Platinumburg. The project was well received in Cañada. DJ Manifest did a few beats in the project and added features from the late great Guru of Gangstarr, Afu-Ra, and Mr. Wiggle from the Rock Steady Crew. Meryem Saci is an incredible singer from Montreal and is part of a group called Nomadic Massive. She sings and raps on her own solo projects.

And finally Sha Frank is a new come in the Montreal scene. She’s very talented with a Haitian background. The American artists hail from all over the map.

The US roster on Sleepwalker includes Sally Green, Anthony Danza,  All Hail Y.T., Chucc Global, Mike Steezy, and Pablo Sanders. Sleepwalker incredible compilation put together by one of the hardest working products in the underground. It’s the perfect soundtrack of cruise music with the right touch of nostalgia. DJ Manifest uplifts the music scene in his native of Montreal while incorporating many American rappers and singers who come from the land that crafted the music which he loves. Listen to Sleepwalker on Spotify below: