Born in Cali, Trey Brown AKA ‘3rd Prince” attended a school for the gifted. It was here where his parents pushed arts and education. At the age of 14, ‘3rd Princes’s” parents would divorce. His mom would eventually pack up and relocate the family to Detroit. With Motown as the back drop and music in his heart, when he was introduced to rap by his younger brother… it was like a fish to water. Engaging in daily battles on public transportation ‘3rd Prince” began to build a reputation in the hood.

Watching his mother struggle to raise two boys and work two jobs, ‘3rd Prince” perfected his craft with the plan that his rap game would one day have everybody eating good. But being the son of an old fashioned mom, ‘3rd Prince” was not allowed much time for rapping because his mother was about education first. This would later payoff when he received a scholarship to attend Howard University.  While attending Howard, ‘3rd Princes” talents flourished as a hip hop artist. Not only had he mastered the skill of rap, but he found his voice and a unique identity that pushes the envelope at time and makes you think at others.

Check out his song “Paper Planes” http://soundcloud.com/theurbanbuzz/paper-planes

For more information on 3rd Prince contact: Corey D’Markus at 323-381-5154 or [email protected]