The alleged son of Jay-Z, Rymir Satterthwaite, has filed a motion to the Supreme Court amid a 10-year paternity dispute. Satterthwaite has accused Jay-Z of avoiding a paternity test and has been fighting for answers for over a decade. The case has been ongoing since 2011, with Satterthwaite alleging that Jay-Z had an affair with his mother in the early 1990s. Despite multiple attempts to have the rapper take a DNA test, he has yet to comply.

Satterthwaite’s legal team has claimed that they have evidence proving that Jay-Z is his father, including testimony from witnesses who were present during his mother’s relationship with Hova. However, Jay-Z’s legal team has argued that the case should be dismissed due to jurisdictional issues. They have also claimed that Satterthwaite’s mother committed fraud by using a false address on the paternity paperwork. Per the Daily Mail, Satterthwaite wants the case unsealed, arguing that Jay-Z has allegedly been keeping it under wraps in an effort to avoid taking a paternity test.