It’s never nice to kick someone while they’re down, although a simple Instagram comment isn’t too rough of a blow. Moreover, for those unaware, Rick Ross and DJ Envy have some relatively deep-rooted beef thanks to their car show competition earlier this year. Therefore, it’s only natural that, at the fall of one, another enters the ring again to have a laugh, albeit for pretty serious reasons. Furthermore, the Breakfast Club cohost recently received two lawsuits against him alleging real estate fraud according to court documents. What’s more is that these accusations paint the situation as a potential Ponzi scheme based on the specific claims around this wrongdoing.

Apparently, DJ Envy kept over $1.5 million in investments for a planned apartment project, reports of which first emerged back in 2018. Even though the property never came to be, the suits claim that Envy basically scammed investors into giving up the money with no follow-up. While COVID-19 came up as a potential reason for delay, plaintiffs still rallied against him and his alleged accomplices for stealing money on a false promise. What’s more is that one investor demanded his $300K-plus investment back, and of course this overjoyed Rick Ross.

“Time to tattoo that hairline too,” the Maybach Music Group mogul wrote under an Instagram post covering the lawsuits. As much as Rick Ross might find it easy to play around and point fingers quickly, many details of the case still haven’t been revealed. Given that, it’s probable that DJ Envy will be able to sidestep these issues swiftly, although it’s not entirely a sure shot. Whatever the case, this is certainly a strange evolution to their beef. Is this still about cars and reputation, or is this just a business-measuring contest now?

Regardless, only time will tell how this alleged real estate fraud from the commentary mogul turns out. When it does develop or resolve, we’re sure that Ross will be first in line with either a laugh or some other form of jab at Envy. Can’t they just get in race cars and get it over with? They probably won’t, so check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on DJ Envy and Rick.

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