This one might be just a couple weeks late, but I’ve had some time to listen to Childish Gambino’s sophomore LP Because the Internet. 2011’s Camp from Donald told a timeless story and is one of the better concept hip-hop albums released in the past few years in my opinion. On Camp, he had memorable punchlines for days that indistinctly carve him out as a force to be reckoned with. In fact, you could even dare call Childish Gambino fire after hearing Camp. Two years later on Because The Internet, we see a turn from the strong lyrical and conceptual Donald into the indie-pop elaborate post production Donald. There are some pretty nice tracks on here like “The Worst Guys (Feat. Chance the Rapper)” and “3005”, but my favorite by far has got to be “Telegraph Ave”. In essence, Childish Gambino establishes his singing side and let’s his lyrical skills a bit to the side. I was definitely feeling the club thumping jam “Earth the Oldest Computer (The Last Night) (Featuring Azelia Banks)”. There is an interesting mix of features on this album, but no guest emcees with verses. I was unimpressed with the use of Chance the Rapper on “Worst Guys.” A rapper this talented deserves a verse if credited on a song. I would’ve liked to see another emcee step on a track or two as well.  Because the Internet is certainly a tremendous improvement from Childish Gambino’s 2010 mixtape Royalty, but is it better than Camp? I don’t think so. Because the Internet still earns a solid 4/5 flies, and is more than worth listening to.

Look out for Childish Gambino on the Indie Buzz awards coming in 2014!