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Almost a year to the day after Atlanta radio legend Frank Ski departed the airwaves of WVEE (V103) the station has shuffled and shook up the on-air line up. V-103 has decided Ryan Cameron morning show dropping the major members, Kendra G, who joined the show six months ago and former traffic reporter Christopher “Crash” Clark.

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Crash Clark, Kendra G, Ryan Cameron

Word from the curb says the powers that be felt changes were needed with ratings falling in recent months by alarming levels. The latest four-week ratings ranked Ryan Cameron’s show in fifth place among 18 to 34 year olds, a place V-103 has not seen in nearly a dozen years.  Clearly, the chemistry of the entire team wasn’t working, given the ratings drop off.  Aside from confirming the departure of Kendra and Crash station management declined further comment citing personnel policies.

In other V103 news, midday Egypt (Sherrod) has also left the building after 19 months. A statement released by her agent/attorney Donald Woodard said she’s leaving on her own accord with her contract up in March, 2014. Never one to sit still for more than a minute, Egypt will focus on a variety of upcoming multi-media business opportunities. She remains the host of HGTV’s Property Virgins. She’s not just a radio personality…..she’s a supermom, community activist, mentor and more.  Since her arrival in Atlanta and as recently as last week her annual “Egypt’s Give Back Tour” collected and distributed clothing, toiletry and toys to disadvantaged Atlanta residents.

Long before Egypt’s arrival at WVEE, the midday slot had been somewhat of a sore spot for V-103 for the last several years. A long list of personalities has filled the slot including Magic Man, Osei the Dark Secret, Porsche Foxx, Elle Duncan and Ramona DeBreaux. Many speculate DeBreaux is the logical choice to return to mid-days.  She’s been on staff at WVEE for many years and appears to possess a popularity and likable presence with females. She was midday host for approximately a year prior to Egypt’s arrival and did well while in the position.

Once their non-competes come to an end, don’t be surprised if you hear any former V-103 personalities back on the airwaves or see them on the big or small screen.