Barf Troop

For the longest time I’d been searching for a particular sound that I wanted to hear in hip-hop. I think that the world needs to hear bars spit from an all female collective. If you’re looking for this special sound too, then look no further! Through the wonderful world of tumblr, I stumbled across Barf Troop, “a group of filthy girls spitting bars” as they call it. Barf Troop consists of  Babeo Baggins, Baben Stein, Barberella Fox, Babe Field, and Justin Baber. The five of them all met online so the collective’s origin is a bit of a mystery, but it is known that the leader, Babeo Baggins is from Virginia. Their 2013 mixtape Summerslime is available for free download at

I gotta say that Summerslime is a slammin’ mixtape that takes me back to when Kreayshawn first dropped her smash single “Gucci Gucci.” The mixtape is a compilation with contributions from every member, but the performances from Babeo Baggins and Babe Field definitely stand alone. Babeo Baggins has crazy flow and lyrical talent that will leave you breathless for more. Another unique quality about the tape is that every track has a different producer. Each song comes with an original flavor and so much attitude.

The noticeable fault with Summerslime is the fact that the songs are not completely audio-mastered and come off as sounding demo-ish. I also think that the mixtape could improve by having better hooks on songs.

Overall, Barf Troop’s Summerslime is very dope and your missing out if you don’t download it right away. Their style is similar to that of other collectives such as Odd Future, White Girl Mob, and Metro Zu. Let me not fail to mention that Babe Baggins is working with Lofty 305 of Metro Zu (listen to their song “Temple of Aspen”, it’s too sexy!). If you like female emcees like Kitty Pryde, Kilo Kish, or Pink Dollaz, you’ll love Barf Troop. Summerslime earns a sweet 4/5 flies!barf troop