Vulture City

“Compelling, Raw, Uncut and Dynamic” are the terms used to describe the new installment of the Cult Classic movie entitled “Vulture City 2” which is due to be released July 4th 2014 by “Marcus Carothers” and his “My Dream Entertainment”.

Marcus CMarcus Carothers, who is the lead actor in the film, also serves as the films “Director, Writer, and Producer”.

“Vulture City 2” is the follow up to the extremely successful “Vulture City 1” which captivated Hip Hop audiences from coast to coast when it was released a couple of years ago and established a devoted fan based across the U.S who are anxiously awaiting the release of the new installment.

Using his own money and resources, the brilliant young Actor/Director from the South Side of Chicago headed out to drive across the country from the Marcy Housing complex in New York to the swap meets in Los Angeles to promote and sell his new DVD.

The response from the young people from coast to coast was so overwhelmingly positive that within just 3 months, “all of the 43K DVD’s that were manufactured were Sold Out”.

Shortly thereafter, the all important ” word on the street” started to spread about the new movie and there was such a clamor in Chicago to see the film that Marcus Carothers had to secure “four dates” at two of Chicago’s premier theaters to satisfy the public’s demands. Two of the shows were “Sold Out” at the 1200 seat “Portage Theater” and two more shows were “Sold Out” at the “ICE THEATERS”.

The “Vulture City” films are based on the “true life stories” of the lead actor “Marcus Carothers” and his involvement with Chicago’s mega-gang known as the “Gangster Disciples” and their reign of terror in the recently destroyed South Side of Chicago housing projects known as “The Robert Taylor Homes”. The film is also a “Story of Redemption” The term “Vulture City” was the name the gang members re-named the housing project.

Marcus Carothers and his “My Dream Entertainment” plan on an aggressive promotional campaign to make the country aware of the new release.

“My Dream Entertainment’s” Business Director, Mr. Stanton Sheppard, stated that”In my humble opinion, we are witnessing the rapid rise and development of an incredibly talented young Actor and Film Director who has connected with Hip Hop audiences across the world in a major way. After this new film is released, Marcus Carothers will be one of the most sought after Actor/Directors for youth driven films in our business”.

“Vulture City 2” will also have the Soundtrack for the film ready for release in July 2014 through their “My Dream Entertainment” music label. The company is currently consulting with music industry executive Mr. Lee Ford and his ToneStruck Records on the development of the album.

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