Like you, I watched the Grammys and came away with conflicted emotions. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of award shows; call me jaded, but I see most award shows as manipulative, politically driven, popularity contests that pit on artist against another. They are manufactured marketing machines, designed to get you to spend your money…  However, I admit, I may be in the minority as the viewership on award shows grow. The 56th Grammy Awards was viewed by 28.5 million people making it one of the most watched shows in Grammy history. And, there were some amazing mash up performances. Here are a few of my post Grammy observations:


The King and Queen, Beyonce & Jay Z kicked off the night with some sexy heat!     Bey sounds and looks incredible!


Chicago, one of my all-time favorite acts paired with Robin Thicke was classic!


Kendrick Lamar’s performance with Imagine Dragons had me doing a DVR reply, several times. Now that’s rock, rap and roll!

Kendrick and Imagine Dragons

Daft Punk, Pharrell & Stevie Wonder was like an old school special. So cool.

pharrell and stevie

LL Cool J you’re bald, we know you’re bald.  We see you on TV every week without a hat. Dude, kill the kango.


And then there was Pharrell’s hat…



No punch line needed.

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