Myke JuliusIf you have heard the booming bass voice of Myke Julius coming through your speakers, you will more than likely do a “triple double take.” Moreover, how ironic is it that the man with the bass for a voice is also a seasoned bass guitarist who has played for and studied under many Motown legends.

From his first on-air gig in Chicago, Myke’s radio career has taken him to several major markets such as New York City, Washington, DC, Dallas and L.A. His swagger on and off the air swiftly endears a dedication legion of fans in every market where he cracks the mic and Atlanta is no doubt following suit.

Myke sums it up by saying, “I believe it is my mission in life to keep up front in our conscious minds, the power in the spirit in a love song,”

WALR Kiss logoYour Sunday nights will never be the same once you tune in to Myke Julius as he hosts Slow Jamz on Atlanta’s new #1 radio station, WALR/KISS 104.1.


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