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With what some may attribute to a reassignment of PPM devices, the holidays or simply time for a change, it is clear that there has been a bit of a shift in the atmosphere of the radio airwaves in Atlanta.  WVEE has been at the top of “radio mountain” for so long, pearls were clutched when “The People’s Station” tumbled from first to fifth place in the recent holiday PPM rankings. Call it a reassignment of meters, call it hip hop burn out or call it a radio tsunami, you can always count on change being consistent.

A shift to UAC is the current pick of the menu and Atlanta has a new #1 radio station, WALR/Kiss 104.1. To management’s credit, WALR’s visibility in the community has increased tenfold which clearly has many benefits and the on-air staff is relatable, approachable and amiable. They are the same whether you see them in Walmart, Walgreens or the Whiskey Park in the “W.”

Charles Mitchell

Charles Mitchell

If you ask WALR’s APD Charles Mitchell what catapulted the station to #1, he warmly smiles saying “having a true grasp on what your listeners want, fine tuning the talent and maintaining a good balance of what people want to hear is keeping us focused on a what promises to be a great 2014.”

Congrats to Tony Kidd, Charles Mitchell and the entire KISS Crew!