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Radio legend Johnny Morris was surrounded by friends and family while celebrating his birthday at Roscoe’s Media Center (a multi-media digital studio he built in LA).

Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated with Johnny Morris including Ron Brewington, Rick Nuhn, A Scott Galloway, Fortinata Agoado, J Sweet, Darryl, Barry, LA Mike, Eddie Simms, Belinda Wilson, the adorable Wilson sisters (Ken’s daughters), and me, among others.

And a special thank you to Felicia “The Poetess” Morris for bringing everyone together for the celebration. Great job!

Editors Note: Johnny started in radio in the Bay Area at age 15. We have been friends since my early days in LA radio. John was my engineer during my entire LA Radio tenure including KGFJ, KACE, KKBT and KRBV. He’s my dude! Happy Birthday Bubba!

Kevin Fleming

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