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The aX has fallen on Fox’s basement talent show, “The X Factor” after three (long) seasons. Social media is blowing up with praise for the Fox TV executives who pulled the plug.

We can only wonder if L.A. Reid, the first “X Factor” to jump ship, clearly saw the handwriting on the wall once the show failed to produce any star performers or solid ratings. (Where are Melanie Amaro, Astro, Marcus Canty and others?)  Pop princess and judge Demi Lovato also left the sinking ship to concentrate on her music career. Fellow judges Paulina Rubio and Kelly Rowland shouldn’t have a problem finding their next projects.  The always opinionated Simon Cowell was supposed to be the show’s main draw and that ended up a bust. Simon also told Jennifer Hudson, “she wasn’t ready” as she exited American Idol and his cred hit the floor when J. Hud won her Oscar and Grammy®.

x factor judgesThe show apparently did some good during its relatively short life on Fox, but you’d be hard pressed to name past winners.  The singing competition show debuted in the fall of 2011, but its ratings were never on par with “American Idol,” and after the first season, ratings continued to sink like a brick overboard. The X Factor took a beatdown in the ratings from NBC’s “The Voice” this past season.  Will you miss The X Factor? I can’t miss what I’ve never seen! Sayonara Simon.