If you want to live in superstar million dollar digs after your income tax return check arrives, these two properties may be of interest.

thR0XSCVRGJanet Jackson wants to rent out her 2,093-square-foot New York City apartment for more than twice the average rate. The three-bedroom apartment located in the exclusive Trump International Hotel & Tower comes with every amenity known to man along with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Central Park and lots of marble for only $35,000 per month.  The apartment was purchased for $2.8 million dollars in 1998 by Jackson’s Puffy Trust.  Sorry, no pets allowed.

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WhitneyWhitney Houston’s New Jersey dream mansion built in New Jersey 26 years ago for $2.7 million ago is back on the market again. Houston placed the 12,561 square foot estate up for sale at $2.5 million five years ago and slashed the price to $1.97 million before taking it off the market again at the end of 2011. It was relisted last month for $1.75 million, then reduced to $1,499,999.00,  roughly 55% off of the original list price. The five bedroom “round house” is situated on more than five acres.  Sadly, the photos featured in the listing aren’t total  representative of the house today. A chain link fence now surrounds the property, and the once beautiful estate appears to be badly neglected with overgrown weeds.  Although the home is being prepared for showing, it’s showing signs of age on the inside as well. The media room off the kitchen, has a rack of old stereo equipment (including a DAT recorder) and a large tube television built into the wall. A column at the front gate is clearly crumbling and most of the rooms are empty except for the circular master bedroom and bathroom (how 1970’s). Conflicting reports claim the pop-music queen’s estate no longer owns the home, while other reports claim an anonymous owner wishes to sell  as soon as possible. Annual property taxes for the estate average in excess of $38,000.