So this week I was able to catch Earl Sweatshirt at The Norva in Norfolk, VA. It was the 13th stop of the tour. Previously I’d seen Odd Future play as a group there, but without Earl, so it was great to see the youngin do his thing. New York City based group RATKING opened for him, which was unexpected since no other artists were listed on the bill. They weren’t too bad, but weren’t the best thing I’ve ever seen live before. With not much delay, Earl hit the stage along with Long Beach, CA based rapper Vince Staples. They had crazy energy, and it was interesting to see how Earl incorporated his collaborations with Vince into his set. Earl performed almost all of his new album Doris, and a couple singles from years prior. Although just a tad short, it was still a pretty dope show. I even got to crowd surf for the first time! Look out for Vince Staples’ new mixtape Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2 coming soon!

Wearld Tour