Frank Ocean2Chipotle Mexican Grill is furious with Frank Ocean for accepting nearly $212K for an ad campaign he backed out of for a silly reason. According to TMZ, Chipotle filed suit in LA County over a $425,000 deal Frank signed to sing a remake of “Pure Imagination” for a new animated ad. Unfortunately, Frank and Chipotle butted heads over the ad after he wanted THEIR company’s logo removed from the end of THEIR ad… and they refused!  Team Ocean fired off an email to Chipotle saying Frank was promised final say “over the recording and all promotional materials” and that they were in breach when they refused to remove their logo.  Now, Chipotle is suing to get back the $212,500 advance they paid him.Why Frank would expect Chipotle to put out a commercial that doesn’t feature their own logo is a mystery.

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