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The Urban Buzz Top Ten US Cities

 I was thinking about visiting some family back east and my mind wandered to some of my favorite cites. Places that I have visited that I have a fondness for. Don’t get your knickers in a twist if you’re favorite city is not one of mine.




I hear you. Maui is an island, not a city but if you’ve ever been there, all you want to do is get back there, as soon as possible! The sun, the water, the pace… or lack of. Love it!



Las Vegas

Eating, drinking and gambling. Who doesn’t love Sin City? Only problem is, what happens in Vegas ends up on Facebook.



New Orleans

The food, the drinks, the people, the south. Love me some Nawlins!




The sun, the beach, the clubs, the bikini bodies and Joe’s Stone Crab for fried lobster!



Washington, DC

There’s an air of sophistication and of course scandal all around you. Cool city!


atlanta downtown


I moved to Atlanta to go to college (CAU) and I’ve been trying to get back there ever since.  I’m into the new/dirty south… the ATL just feels like home to me.




Chi-town is my kind of town, hot dogs, deep dish pizza and the south side.



San Francisco

San Fran has to be one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever seen. The vistas, the food, the music. But damn it’s cold, even in the summer.



New York City

Times Square, Manhattan, Harlem, Brooklyn… the city that never sleeps is like no other place on earth. It’s cool to ride the subway and even cooler to just walk!



Los Angeles

Come on, I live here, of course it’s my #1 city. LA is sunshine, beaches, Mexican food, donuts, the Valley and Crenshaw Boulevard; it’s fancy cars, freeways, Beverly Hills, (sigh) The LA Lakers, the mountains, golf courses, Pasadena and home.

Honorable Mention:

Dallas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Memphis, Charlotte, Philadelphia

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