Fuse, a music television channel, is low-rated, but it has a foothold on cable and satellite lineups in 73 million households across the country. That’s one of the reasons why it is valuable to NUVOtv, which is only available in about 32 million households.

Fuse “enhances our distribution relationships” and “dramatically expands” its potential footprint, Michael Schwimmer, the chief executive of NUVOtv’s parent company SiTV Media, said.

NUVOtv, like many independently-owned cable channels, has struggled to gain access to the roughly 100 million American households that subscribe to some form of TV. The channel started as SiTV in 2004 and relaunched as NUVOtv, an English-language channel featuring entertainment for Latinos, in 2011.
It offers shows like Mario Lopez’s celebrity interview show “Mario One-on-One.” Jennifer Lopez’s production company creates a weekly music program for the network. She also is a shareholder and serves as the company’s chief creative officer in which she works on programming strategy, production and marketing.