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The Urban Buzz Top Ten Al Green Songs of All-Time

Al Green 2 

Music legend Al Green turned 68 on April 13th. Al has had such an amazing career, we thought it would be fun to put together a Top Ten Songs of Al Green. Some Reverend Al will sound good this Easter holiday weekend. Click to hear the songs.

Al Green Greatest


 “Have You Been Making Out Ok?”


“Take Me To The River”


“Everything Is Gonna Be Alright”

Al Green The Best


“You Ought To Be With Me”


“Here I Am”


“Tired of Being Alone”

Al Green Greatest 2


“Call Me”


“Love And Happiness”


“I’m Still In Love With You”


“Let’s Stay Together”

Al Green Let' stay together

Al Green 4

Honorable mention to: “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart”, “Living For You”, and “I Can’t Get Next To You”

Got a Top Ten of your own? Share it with us, if we use it in The Buzz we’ll send you a great CD from the Concord Music Group. Submit your Top Ten list to [email protected].

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