Bahamian born Angelique Sabrina conjures up memories of some of the biggest artists of this generation.

On her lead single, “I’m Ready,” she boasts the soft and sensuous qualities that cemented Janet Jackson as the queen of modern Rhythm & Blues, as well as the uncanny style and mesmerizing dance moves of Aaliyah.

Already the face of prestigious endorsements and the host of an international television show, it is no wonder that she is compared to the likes of Rihanna, because of her Island vibe and the international appeal of her emerging brand.

In a very powerful and authentic manner, Angelique Sabrina does her part to combine the aforementioned qualities of these amazing artists.  Remarkably penned by Angelique Sabrina, hear for yourself why so many are calling

“I’m Ready” a timeless love song for the ages. Click to see “I’m Ready” video.