spooky black

I know what you’re thinking… Dylan is this some type of joke? No it isn’t people. If you’re a fan of Frank Ocean or James Blake, Spooky Black is the next singer you need to pick up. The St. Paul, MN singer/songwriter sings somber melodies over smooth and abstract instrumentals. This is some great zone-out music. Sporting a turtle neck, do-rag, and gold chain, Spooky Black aka Lil Spook bares a resemblance to Swedish internet rapper Yung Lean. Alhthough he is not spooky or black, and is using a deconstructionist approach similar to that of Lil B The Based God, this music is not that bad. The cliche R&B lyrics are at times laughable, along with the corny love song melodies. I think this is meant to be enjoyed and laughed at simultaneously. Download Spooky Black’s mixtape Black Silk for free too.