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The Atlanta Entertainment community was in full force at last week’s sneak peek of “Think Like A Man Too.” Cast members LaLa Vasquez Anthony, Romany Malco, Kevin Hart and Terrance J were joined by Mayor Kasim Reed, Radio One’s Derek Harper, Carol Blackman, KeKe Wyatt, R. Kelly, Cumulus’ Ken Johnson, the crew from the Steve Harvey Morning Show and approximately 400 other were elbow to elbow in the capacity crowd. While the movie does little to focus on the elements of Harvey’s book as in the original film, there were also more soda spilling moments than its predecessor. Even though what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, some of the antics and situation were a bit over the top and predictable. “Think Like A Man” grossed over $91million dollars worldwide and the sequel is predicted to exceed those figures.

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Overall, I give this film 4 popcorn kernels

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popcorn kernel



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L-R: Kevin Hart, Romany Malco, Mayor Kasim Reed, Will Packer, LaLa Vasquez Anthony, Terrance J



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