Jack the Rapper

In efforts to preserve the good name of her legendary father, Jack “The Rapper” Gibson’s daughter Jill Gibson Bell is not backing down to Steve “Face” Riley and Billy “Bad Axx” Foster, the parties who have attempted to use her father’s name for financial gain under the guise of “The New Jack the Rapper Convention.”  To date, events have taken place in Atlanta, Houston and New York, none coming remotely close to the classic Atlanta confabs that many of us attended for over twenty years. At Jack the Rapper’s Family Affair, business was handled, talent was discovered and deals were made on a handshake. Unfortunately in 2012, lawsuits have been filed and ignored in Georgia federal court, mediation has occurred, commitments have not been honored and default judgments have been put in motion. Previous agreements to compensate Ms. Gibson for two events using “Jack the Rapper’s” name have not been honored. Via a “modeling” website link other events are scheduled in Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New Orleans. Karma is a big ole “B!” Why these folks don’t do right and the Gibson family is beyond comprehension.  Buyer beware, this ain’t the real deal and as Jack would say, “that’s the truth Ruth!” This is gonna get uglier real soon.

Jack and me

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