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Teen metal band Unlocking the Truth score a record deal with a major label. ‘Unlocking the Truth’, the teen metal band who got famous by busking heavy metal music in Times Square, just signed a record deal with Sony. 13-year-old guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, bassist Alec Atkins (13) and drummer Jarad Dawkin (12) began uploading videos to Youtube in 2012 and quickly went viral.
This summer ‘Unlocking the Truth’ became the youngest band ever to play the main stage at Coachella. Now ‘Unlocking the Truth’ have signed their first major record deal. ‘Unlocking the Truth’ signed a deal with Sony that includes — $60,000 for the first album — $325,000 for the second — $400,000 for the third — $450K for the fourth — and $550K for the fifth album, plus royalties. ‘Unlocking the Truth’ already have enough material to record three albums and are headed into the studio to begin recording this month.

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