Pull out your doughnuts, skateboards, and weed pipes ladies and gentlemen…. Mellowhype is back with a free summer mixtape I Need Some Answers (INSA). The Odd Future duo has been consistently putting out free and commercial projects since 2010. Mellowhype is an emcee/producer duo consisting of  Hodgy Beats on the mic and Left Brain on the boards.

INSA was solid. Left Brain’s production has continued to improve, while Hodgy’s singing voice has grown to give some of today’s neo-soul singers a run for their money. I really enjoyed the songs “7,” “Belly,”Dunita,” and “Nowadays,” but my favorite is definitely the trap banger “FIFAFOFUM!” with Left Brain rapping the hook. I was very glad to hear Syd Tha Kyd on “The Daze” as well.

It’s cool to see Hodgy Beats switching up the flow on a couple tracks. It might be safe to say that out of all of Odd Future, Hodgy is the most versatile emcee. What INSA is missing is more guest emcees. A song from another OFWGKTA affiliate like Mike G or Earl Sweatshirt would’ve been fine. Outside of the collective, perhaps stoner rappers like Mac Miller, Curren$y, or Wiz Khalifa would be fitting. Not to mention that some of the hooks on here just don’t do it for me. Besides that, I expected a much better album cover for an Odd Future project… but oh well. I Need Some Answers lands a strong 4/5 flies.


Watch this super rad video for “Nowadays”: