Lebron 3LeBron James announcement of his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers overshadowed another major announcement that adds the title of Executive Producer to his resume. Starz, also home to 50 Cent’s “Power,” has given the green light to and announced a start date for the scripted comedy series, “Survivor’s Remorse.” King James is one of the executive producers on the cable program premiering on Saturday, October 4th at 9 p.m. with subsequent 10 p.m. air times.

Survivors Remorse

The six episode, half-hour comedy is set in the world of (what else) professional basketball and follows basketball phenom, Cam Calloway (Jesse T. Usher), a twenty-something thrust into the limelight after signing a multimillion dollar contract with an Atlanta-based pro basketball team. The remainder of the show’s premise is predictable, yet humorous and slightly reminiscent of that box office bomb, “The Cookout.”




Starz and lebron 2

Cam’s cousin, Reggie moves to Atlanta with him to monitor his journey to success while wrestling with the pros and cons of wealth, fame, celebrity and loyalty, while supporting Cam’s “Mama ‘n ‘em ,” assorted family members and friends from the hood.



Actors RonReaco Lee as Cam’s cousin Reggie, Tishina Arnold as his mother and comic Mike Epps as Uncle Julius, complete a strong supporting cast.

Epps and Arnold

Lebron James’ longtime friend and manager, Maverick Carter is also an executive producer for the show which is based very loosely on experiences shared by the two.  Carter took over James’ business portfolio 10 years ago through his management firm, LRMR and from the looks of things, he’s taken a page from the book of Spike Lee to do the right thing.

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