Veteran Military and Music Executive, Life Allah Griffith Launches

Global Position Solutions, LLC

gps_logo-01Global Position Solutions, LLC  announced today that it has launched a new mobile app and development consultation company for the independent music business.  Global Position Solutions helps clients build their own mobile apps that they can market and promote music and product direct to consumers using smart phone technology. With these apps, users will be able to discover even more about themselves, by taking charge of their own business building a direct fan base using the various features that will give them a great return on a cost effective investment.  “ Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you can connect to now because talent, drive and determination alone aren’t enough to propel you toward success in the entertainment industry,” said Life Allah Griffith, Principal and CEO of Global Position Solutions.  “As a military veteran and music executive and I wanted to provide a real strategic approach to assist artists and small businesses make a real impact in the mobile market landscape. I came up with the idea when I was stationed in Afghanistan in 2012 and it took me two years to understand the changes and effectively create a simple model that could be applied to every phone user. The networking impact is huge especially as the mobile market continues to grow! There are no more black music divisions, the artists are changing and even more important those still in the game must provide a new way to reach the market by using a mobile approach such a push button notifications and connecting to video-based social networking platforms.  The statistics speak for itself because just like when Napster and the Internet changed the game most black executives were caught off guard. Today, the future of global mobile music is on the rise and mobile technology has given a voice to those otherwise cut off the world. Globalization has changed our lives forever and it is here to stay! It’s an exciting time to be in the mobile industry and Global Position Solutions is the outlet for those needing that opportunity”.

The Global Position Solutions, LLC benefits and  features are:

  • Having an innovative new social experience: interact, share, and grow with friends like never before via tweets, FB posts, YouTube uploads,etc.
  • Create Push Notifications to let fans know about events and new music.
  • Chat with fans directly
  • Listen to music and download songs and albums
  • Review albums or shows and receive feedback
  • Browse and purchase merchandise.

About Global Position Solutions,LLC

Global Position Solutions, LLC  is a veteran owned company that specializes in creating mobile app and Mobile website solutions for small businesses. Global Position Solutions,LLC is based in Inglewood, CA and was founded in 2012. To learn more about Global Position Solutions,LLC  visit:

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Life Allah Griffith, Principal for Global Position Solutions, LLC

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Life Griffith

Life Griffith

Life D. Griffith is a highly respected sought after music and military veteran who has worked over 25 years as a genuine professional who has constantly delivers strong direction and leadership that has resulted in a consistent record of success. Mr. Griffith has successfully worked with SRC Records, Loud Records, Tuff Break Records, Perspective Records, Scotti Bros. Records, WB Records, Kedar Entertainment, TVT Records,  and The Mr. Griffith served honorably in the US Army and today is the Principal of Global Position Solutions, LLC. Mr. Griffith holds an AAS degree in Emergency Medical Services, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Management and Leadership from The American College in Philadelphia